Guest Post: The Only Thing You Need To Do To Develop Your Writing Voice

What does it take to be a writer? Well, who knows? If there is one thing I know about writers, it is that they just come out of nowhere. I mean, you could be anywhere. You could be in school. You could even be in the office, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, you’ll meet a writer.

If you just look at them, you won’t notice any difference from other people. They seem quite normal. It wouldn’t even cross your mind that this person is a writer. You’ll only be able to figure out if someone is a writer if they tell you.

Why? We know that writers are good with words, but there are lots of people who are good with words. They aren’t all writers, though, are they? Being good with words is just something that comes with being a writer, but it doesn’t really make one a writer. Do you want to know the one thing that makes a writer the writer that he or she is? It’s their voice.

What is a writing voice?
A writing voice is the special voice that comes into our mind when we read our favorite novel. It is a feeling that we are talking to the author himself. We all know that writing is communication. With that, our writing voice is us, talking to the reader.

The problem is that when we write, we have plenty of time to revise our thoughts. We come to resist our true selves, which is why there are writers who lose their voice. But if you are going to progress with your writing career, you are going to want your writing voice back. Why? It is the secret to writing success.

Good writing isn’t just about perfect grammar. The writing voice is even more important. Because even if the reader understands what you are saying, that is not a guarantee that they will like it. We all know that in order to be successful in the writing business, people have to like our work. They have to be able to connect with it. If not, you won’t get far in the industry.

How do I develop my writing voice?
Just keep writing. Yes, you heard me. Just keep writing and writing. When I say writing, I don’t mean writing book reports. What I mean to say is that you write your heart out.

Keep a blog or a journal. Do not hold back what is in your mind and heart. When you get used to writing what is on your mind, then writing a book using your own voice will be the easiest thing in the world.

~Wade S. Lang


Author Bio
Wade is an essayist at He incorporates nature’s beauty in his writing. Besides excellence, he puts his lovely wife and two kids at the center of his craft. He is fond of physical contact sports and considers South America as a haven for tourists.